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Scania 2022 Premium Launch


Scania premium launch

Scania has finally launched their amazing new premium range, which offers the unique ability to optimise instead of standardise. Let us look at some of the new features coming in the new launch.

Key features

  •  the front of the truck has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic.
  •  increase fuel efficiency and driving performance due to the upgrade of the powertrain.
  •  extra driver seat adjustment options
  • New safety technology with the use of roll-over curtain side airbags
  •  increased storage behind the seat.
  •  new display system with 7” screen

Scania, tailored to you.

With Scania’s popular modular system and smart services, they can ensure that you find the perfect vehicle for you.

Long Haul

Scania’s range of long-haul trucks is the perfect partner when on the route, by taking your ideal truck service set up and support systems and combining it with your truck. This will turn your truck into a reliable machine no matter where you are.

Construction Industry

Our construction team is constantly faced with increasing demands for sustainable and quality production. Scania has a team of experienced professionals that are ready to take on even the toughest construction jobs.

Urban Operations

Urban city life and traffic, with the added deadlines, can cause very tense moments for a truck company. Scania’s elite range of urban trucks and services allows for the most stable and reliable solutions to be found while trucking in busy urban areas.

Ten years of development work

Fuel Efficiency

A massive goal for our generations vehicles was to increase fuel efficiency drastically, to reduce our carbon footprint. Scania has achieved this goal by improving truck aerodynamics, new engine ideas alongside intelligent support systems, like eco-roll and active prediction.


Scania has connected all their truck together for the good of the owners, drivers, and society. Connecting all the vehicles under 1 database allows Scania to track the performance of their vehicles under various variables, including operating conditions, performance data, fuel consumption and durability.


Scania has made considerable improvements to both its active and passive safety features. Some of these features include rollover curtain side airbags, a security system fitted in the ceiling, mandatory auto-braking function as well as a list of other active safety enhancing driver-support systems



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