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Introducing the new Volvo electric truck safety features!

The New patented technology that Volvo Trucks has released is called Active Grip Control. The main goal of this new technology is to improve safety in slippery conditions, whether that be sand, wet roads or snow.

This new Active Grip technology has been shown to improve traction by 45% in low friction conditions. This is largely due to the quick speed at which electric trucks can be controlled, which gives the truck the ability to control the force of the wheels on the ground to prevent wheel spin.

“The improvement when going up a slippery, gravel road is really impressive. I believe this will increase productivity, not least for our construction customers,” says Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

As soon as the truck starts to slip, a bunch of sensors allow the truck to react to the traction on the road and make use of its electric motors and actuators to help keep the driver in control of the truck. Other safety improvements include a reduced chance of jack-knifing and oversteering when driving with an empty load.

“With Active Grip Control we are giving our drivers further improved ability to traverse difficult roads and terrain – even during the most challenging of conditions. This is a unique function that Volvo Group has protected by patents,” explains Anna Wrige Berling.The Active Grip Control technology will be available on the following trucks:  heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX Electric trucks.

Volvo has changed its direction for the future by focusing on electric trucks. This opened many doors for improvement as electric vehicles can respond in a much more controlled and independent manor to fuel trucks, allowing for fine tuning of safety features and improved quality and overall safety of the vehicle.



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